The first child in the family registration is full price.Save 30% off the regular registration price on each additional sibling that signs up. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED ONE CHILD AT THE REGULAR PRICE. Thank you! League Info:Who: Boys 1st - 5th GradeGameday: SundaysSeason:  March 29 - June 14thLength of Practice/Game: 1.5 hoursLocation:  White Oak Middle School.Time:   1st & 2nd grade               11am-1230pm            3rd, 4th & 5th grade         12pm-2pm*Times subject to change PARENT CONSENT I hereby give my child(ren)permission to participate in Ko-ach Sports.  Iunderstand that the league does not provide any insurance coverage for injuries incurred while participating in this program and I assume full responsibility in case of injury. PICTURE CONSENT I understand that Ko-ach Sports takes pictures and video of players during daily activities for use in league related brochures, flyers, and videos that are distributed via printed media, e-mail or on the league web site. Uniform Sizing ChartShirt                                                        PantsYS   28" - 30"                                         YS   23" - 24"YM  32" - 34"                                         YM  25" - 26"YL   34" - 36"                                         YL   27" - 28"AS   38" - 40"                                         AS   31"Based on chest size circumference           Based on waist circumference

Sibling Discount 2020 Registration: Spring Baseball

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$112.00Sale Price
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  • The deadline for spring baseball registration is March 1, 2020